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Whether you're new to CrossFit, exercise in general, or our facilities. We're dedicated to kickstarting your fitness adventure and ensuring it's a resounding success.

Our classes cater to all fitness abilities, led by qualified professionals. You'll always find guidance and assistance, regardless of your level. If you're new to Funk CrossFit, strive to get you moving well and having fun in every session.

For newcomers seeking extra coaching, our Fundamentals Class focuses on building your confidence before immersing yourself in a group setting.

If CrossFit isn't your fit, worry not – we have a variety of alternative classes available: CrossFit (General Physical Preparedness), Weightlifting (Olympic Lifting), Hybrid (HIIT), Hyrox (Cardio), Skills (Gymnastics), Mobility (Yoga/Pilates) and Stronger (Strength).

We understand CrossFit may seem intimidating at first, especially for those new to the experience, but trust us – you'll love it. If you're still unsure about CrossFit then the Hybrid membership is the option for you.

Taking the first step can be challenging, which is why we provide unwavering support throughout your journey with us.  Our welcoming community will also make your first step that so much easier, where encouragement awaits newcomers. Experience the camaraderie beyond classes with events like our monthly Funk Friday, offering ample opportunities to socialise and connect. Join us for a vibrant community that goes beyond the workout!

We're eager to meet you, so drop by – even if it's just to say hi.

Your fitness adventure awaits!


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